I see my work as a continuously evolving conversation among various media, primarily about process rather than product. It is an exploration with no single approach and no foreseen goal, an interrogation rather than a fixed statement.

I work in many materials and for years have shuttled back and forth between sculpture and works on paper, between abstraction and representation. I employ such materials and approaches that best seem to express the complex and variable layers of inner and outer reality that I find myself confronting, the contest between light and dark in our unstable and perilous times, the fluidity of identity, the porousness of boundaries, migration’s flows.

The domino effect of global pandemic, climate change, social upheavals and the struggle to preserve democracy, taken together, threaten to overwhelm our senses. My collaged shapeshifters and their cousins, the Covid notebooks and the otherworldly creatures, exist not so much to make sense of things, but to make visible glimpses, often fleeting (or “slipping”), of humanity, its instability, its silences and stillnesses, its metamorphic impulses, its ultimate mystery. Perhaps, finally as well, an ongoing effort to trace, in some modest sense, the play of self and other in our acts of perception?

email: augusta@alligatorplanet.com
phone: 415 515-3871
I live in San Francisco